SearchAPIClient Apex Class

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Coveo for Salesforce 3.38 (August 2019)

You can use this Apex classes to call the SearchAPI.



Represents the structure of a response from the QuerySuggestion API. It contains the following attributes:

  • expression: the expression to complete the query.

  • score: the score associated to the query suggestion.

  • executableConfidence: the confidence ratio given by Coveo Machine Learning (Coveo ML).


Calls the API to request query suggestions (see querySuggestPost). You can use the following params:

  • body: the body of the querySuggest request. It should include at least: locale, q, and searchHub.

  • authorization: the content of the Authorization header to send (for example, Bearer TOKEN).

String token = CoveoV2.Globals.generateSearchToken();
List<CoveoV2.SearchApiClient.QuerySuggestResponse> suggestions = CoveoV2.SearchApiClient.querySuggest(
    new Map<String,Object>{
        'locale' => 'en',
        'q' => '',
        'searchHub' => 'hub'
    'Bearer ' + token);


Executes a query to the organization currently linked to the package or any uri.

String token = CoveoV2.Globals.generateSearchToken();
CoveoV2.SearchApiResponse response = CoveoV2.SearchApiClient.executeQuery(
    new Map<String,Object>{
        'q' => 'my query text'
    'Bearer ' + token);