CaseDeflection Lightning Component

Pilot Feature in 3.10 Generally Available in 3.29+

The CaseDeflection Lightning component allows you to insert a case deflection component in your Lightning community.

It takes care of wrapping and including the correct scripts and different resource references needed to do so.


For a guide on how to implement a custom Lightning component, see Integrating the Coveo Components in a Custom Lightning Component.


Reference it in your Lightning component as you would for any other Aura component, using the namespace prefix of the Coveo package.

<aura:component implements='forceCommunity:availableForAllPageTypes'>

Resources Included With This Component

This component includes the Coveo JavaScript Search Framework, the jQuery (latest 3.x.x version) library, and the Coveo for Salesforce specific assets.

Since Lightning Locker is automatically enabled on this component, the underscore result templates aren’t supported. You must use HTML templates instead.

Aura Event

This component doesn’t offer any Aura events.


The component offers the following options:


Whether to use the non-minified versions of the different resources.

Default value is false.


The title to show at the top of the component.

Default value is Recommended Solutions.


The name of the Visualforce component that should act as your search interface for your Case Deflection component.

Default value is communityCaseDeflectionCoveo.


The name of the search hub to enforce when authenticating a query with this search token, which can also be used in query pipeline condition statements.

This option should have the same value as name.