Base Lightning component

DELETED - Non-Locker Compliant

The Base Lightning component takes care of handling the logic split between the CaseCreation and Search Lightning components. All of its properties, events, and options are therefore shared with the CaseCreation Lightning Component and Search Lightning Component.

This component isn’t meant to be used alone, and is documented here for reference purposes only.


This component isn’t meant to be used alone. You should instead use the CaseCreation Lightning Component or Search Lightning Component.

Resources Included With This Component

This component doesn’t include any resources.

Aura Events

This component offers the following Aura events:


Fired when all of the component resources have finished loading. This doesn’t include the Interface Editor resources, which are loaded separately.


Fired when the resources for the Interface Editor have finished loading.


Fired when the search interface has finished loading.


Fired when the search interface is initialized.


Fired when the search token has been fetched (see Generating a custom search token for Lightning components).


This component offers the following options:


The name of the Visualforce component that should act as your search interface.

Depending on the Lightning component you’re using, this could either be a search or a case creation Visualforce component.

This option doesn’t have a default value.


The name of the searchHub to be sent to Coveo Usage Analytics (Coveo UA).

This option should have the same value as name.


Whether the component should automatically initialize itself.

When this option is set to false, you need to handle the initialization yourself through external code.

Default value is true.


Whether the component should inject a query by default.

Default value is true.


Whether the interface should automatically configure a set of options for the interface.

Default value is true.


Whether to load the non-minified versions of the different resources.

Setting this option to true enables more logging, but can be slower overall. Only enable this when developing or debugging components.

Default value is false.