Indexing Lightning flows

Pro and Enterprise editions only

You can create a custom object to be able to index Flows inside Salesforce to serve them as search results. Since Flows are only metadata instead of being a record, you can’t index them directly. You need to create a custom object that contains the information about the suggested fields necessary to search the Flows.

Creating a flow in your Salesforce organization

  1. In the Setup menu, select the Object Manager tab and search for Flow.

    You should find a Flow object called CoveoV2__Flow__c, an indexable Flow:


    You can modify the flow layout to customize it and use the new template with (see Building Page Layouts for Custom Objects).

  2. Create a Page Layout.

    You must add the FieldAPIName in your layout since you need it to index the flow in your Coveo organization.


  3. In the App Launcher search for and click Flows, which appears as a tab in the menu at the top of the page.

  4. Build a Flow.

  5. In the Setup menu, search for and select Flows. Then, create a new Flow by following the steps (see Build a Flow).

  6. Ensure that your flow is activated (see Activate or Deactivate a Flow).

Indexing your flow in your Coveo organization

  1. In the Coveo Administration Console, access your source configuration.

  2. Search for and select Flow.

  3. Ensure that you have indexed the Flows and that you have the CoveoV2__FlowAPIName__c field in your source.

    Use unique API names for every objects.

  4. Choose Fields that need to be indexed.

  5. Click Save and Rebuild Source.

Your Flow tab should look like this: