Basic setup before you can start to develop

Before developing using Coveo for Salesforce, you should consider following these tips.

Set up a Salesforce developer environment

When first installing and developing with Coveo for Salesforce, you’re encouraged to install it either in a Salesforce developer environment, or in a sandbox.

  • To have access to a Salesforce developer environment, sign up on the Salesforce Developer portal. This organization already has Salesforce data available, making it quick to setup.

    For installation purposes, this is considered a production environment.

  • To create a sandbox of your organization, see Creating a Sandbox.

You can also create a scratch organization using the Salesforce CLI (see Salesforce Developer Experience and Salesforce CLI Command Reference).

Install and configure Coveo for Salesforce

During these steps, you should install and configure Coveo for Salesforce, as well as create a functional search page.

To install Coveo for Salesforce, see Get started with Coveo for Salesforce.

Use the migration tool

To better manage your deployment and migration steps during your project, you’re encourage to make use of the Migration Tool.