Customizing the Coveo Lightning Community Components

The Coveo components offer some customizable properties using the Experience Builder.

In the following screenshot, you can see that when the Coveo component is selected, the property editor on the right lights up with a set of options available to use.



This is the name of the Visualforce component that’s created.

By default, its value is communitySearchCoveo for CommunitySearch components, and communityCaseDeflectionCoveo for CaseDeflection components.

When you create a Coveo-powered search page, the HTML content of the page is saved in a Visualforce component. To find the component of the same name, in your Salesforce instance, go to Setup > Develop > Visualforce Components.

  • If you have two different Coveo Search Lightning components on two different community pages, and both have the same Name property, then they will both load the same HTML content.

  • If you don’t set the Search Hub property, then the origin level 1 or the Page/Hub for your usage analytics reports will be the name of the search page.


This Boolean value tells the Lightning component to load the debug version of the different resources.

By default, this option is deselected.

In practice, this means:

  • When deselected, this loads the *.min (minified) versions of all JavaScript resources. The box shouldn’t be selected in production mode.

  • When selected, this will load the non minified versions of all JavaScript resources. This can be useful during development or for debugging purposes.

Search Hub

This sets the analytics search hub to a different value then the default value.

This value is passed in the Origin 1 (Page/Hub) Usage Analytics dimension (see Usage Analytics Dimensions).

If not set, the value of the search hub will be that of the Name property of the Lightning component.

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