Identifying your Coveo for Salesforce version

You may need to know the exact version of the Coveo for Salesforce application deployed in your Salesforce organization, for example when you want to update the application or refer to release notes.

To Identify the Coveo for Salesforce Version Installed in Your Salesforce Organization

  1. Using an administrator account, connect to your Salesforce organization.

  2. In Salesforce, navigate to the Installed Packages page:

    1. On the Salesforce User menu, select Setup.

    2. In the panel on the left, search for and select Installed Packages.

      With Salesforce Lightning With Salesforce Classic
      Under Platform Tools, select Apps > Installed Packages. Under Build, select Installed Packages.
  3. In the Installed Packages list:

    1. In the Package Name column, look for the Coveo for Salesforce or Coveo for Salesforce V2 line.

    2. On the package line, look in the Version Number column to get the AppExchange version number.