Lightning Web Components Support

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The Salesforce Platform now allows developers to build Lightning components using Salesforce Lightning Web Components (LWC).

However, due to security and technical constraints, a custom Lightning web component can’t access a Lightning web component or module in a custom namespace. In addition, the Salesforce platform doesn’t support the integration of third-party Web components.

Although we look forward to creating more LWC and phasing out our older Aura components in the Coveo for Salesforce package, at this time, we will continue to enhance and support our existing Lightning components that leverage the Salesforce Lightning Aura component framework.

Since many of our customers tend to wrap our components into custom Lightning components to enable flexibility for customizations, like adding custom context, creating new components as LWC is simply not an option since the cross-namespace limitation would block them from wrapping the new Coveo for Salesforce components. Once Salesforce addresses these limitations, we will re-evaluate our plans for LWC development in the Coveo for Salesforce package.

As an alternative, we have introduced the new Coveo Quantic package. It’s released as an unlocked package. As such, it’s not subject to cross-namespace limitations. It’s a library for assembling powerful and responsive Coveo for Salesforce search interfaces. Its components are self-encapsulated, composable, and lightweight.