Refreshing Coveo for Salesforce in a Sandbox

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After refreshing your Salesforce sandbox, you might notice that Coveo for Salesforce no longer works. This is because a sandbox refresh resets the authentication token between the Coveo index and your Salesforce sandbox. To fix this issue and refresh Coveo for Salesforce in a Sandbox, follow the following steps.

  1. Reset the link to your Coveo organization to reset the handshake (see Resetting Your Coveo for Salesforce Configuration).

  2. Access your Coveo organization (see Log in to Coveo).

  3. You might notice that your Salesforce sources have an Authentication Issue status. For each source in error:

    1. Select the source row, and then, in the Action menu, select Edit.

      You will be prompted for authentication.

    2. Use your sandbox credentials to authenticate the source.

    3. For sources that are disabled, contact Coveo Support and mention that you have refreshed your sandbox and need to reset the authentication on your disabled sources.