Resetting Your Coveo for Salesforce Configuration

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At some point after your initial Coveo for Salesforce provisioning (see Configure the Coveo for Salesforce application), you may need to connect the application to another Coveo organization, for example changing from a staging to a production organization. In this case, you must first reset your Coveo for Salesforce configuration and then perform the provisioning again.

  1. In the Salesforce Setup menu, search for and select Installed Packages.

    With Salesforce Lightning With Salesforce Classic
    Under Platform Tools, select Apps > Installed Packages. Under Build, select Installed Packages.
  2. In the Installed Packages list, next to your Coveo for Salesforce package, click Configure.

  3. On the Coveo for Salesforce Configuration page, under Related Actions, click Reset your Configuration.


What’s Next?

Perform the Coveo for Salesforce provisioning again (see Configure the Coveo for Salesforce application).