CaseCreation Visualforce component

The CaseCreation Visualforce component is used to create a Case Creation component (see Integrating a Case Creation page).

This component takes care of wrapping the JsSearch component (see JsSearch Visualforce component) and includes the correct scripts and different resource references needed.

Including this component in a Visualforce page lets you create a fully working page using the Interface Editor.


Reference it in your Visualforce page, as you would for any other Apex component, using the namespace prefix of the Coveo package.

<apex:page standardController="Case" docType="html-5.0">
  <CoveoV2:CaseCreation name="CaseCreationPage"/>

Resources included with this component

This component includes the following resources in the header of your page:

  • Since it wraps the JsSearch Visualforce component, all the resources described in that page are included.

  • The CSS for the different Case Creation components.

  • The JavaScript resources for the Case Creation component.

JavaScript code included and executed with this component


This component has the same options as the JsSearch Visualforce components (see JsSearch Visualforce component).

You can also use the following option:


The name of the CaseCreation and the name of the <apex:Component> that are created. By default, this option is the name of your Visualforce page.


The Interface Editor creates and saves the content of your interface in an Apex component. This property lets you set the name of the component that’s being created.

<CoveoV2:CaseCreation name="<MY_CUSTOM_CASE_CREATION>"/>

Where your replace <MY_CUSTOM_CASE_CREATION> by the name <apex:Component> that’s created.