Recommendation Lightning Web Component

The Recommendation Lightning Web component lets you insert a recommendation component in your Lightning Community.

It takes care of wrapping and including the correct scripts and different resources needed to do so.


Drag and drop this Lightning Web component in your Lightning community.


Resources included with this component

This component includes the Coveo JavaScript Search Framework and the jQuery (latest 3.x.x version).



  • As of the Coveo for Salesforce v5 release

    The name of the Page Content record that contains the HTML code of your search interface.

  • Prior Coveo for Salesforce versions

    The name of the Visualforce component that contains the HTML code of your search interface.

Default value is recommendation.


The name of the search hub to enforce when authenticating a query with this search token, which can also be used in query pipeline condition statements.

This option should have the same value as name.


Whether to use the non-minified versions of the different resources.

Default value is false.