Get started for end-users

Once your Salesforce administrator deployed the Coveo for Salesforce application (see Coveo for Salesforce deployment guide), using the Coveo for Salesforce Insight Panel, you can start finding context sensitive relevant information from Salesforce.

Get started with Coveo for Salesforce

  1. Ask your Salesforce administrator where the Insight Panel and search page are available, and then discover the context sensitive relevant information that they assemble for you (see Coveo for Salesforce overview).

  2. If implemented, review the actions the user who opened a case performed while creating their cases (see Reviewing user actions performed prior to creating a case).

Review user actions performed prior to creating a case

Coveo for Salesforce 2.3 (July 2015)

Support agents can take advantage of the UserActions component to easily review the actions performed by the customer (like queries and opened items) on the community site(s) before creating the case under review. The agent can gain a better understanding of the customer intentions and efforts to resolve their issue before submitting the case and therefore plan the intervention accordingly.

The information presented in the UserActions component comes from Usage Analytics events gathered by your Coveo organization, similar to what an Administrator, Analytics Manager, or Analytics Viewer can review in the Visit Browser. The UserActions component, however, only presents events manually performed by the customer (not automatically generated events) and details that are relevant to a support agent. The events come from the visit during which the case was created, so the agent can easily picture the queries performed and the item opened by the customer (if any) before and after creating the case.

The UserActions component is typically made available in the Salesforce console side panel in a Coveo Box User Actions tab (as described in the procedure below), but your Salesforce administrator can deploy the component elsewhere (see UserActions component). The presented events may differ depending on the available usage analytics data and the configuration of event categories included in the component.

To implement this feature, see Implementing the UserActions component.

To review user actions performed prior to creating a case

  1. Access the Salesforce organization in which a Coveo UserActions component is available.

  2. Access your Console where the Insight Panel was implemented.

  3. Select the case for which you want to review user actions.

  4. In the side panel, select the Insight Panel, and then select the User Actions tab.

  5. In the User Actions tab, review the list of performed actions:

    Typical event categories are:

    • A User Query event indicates the term(s) entered in a search box and searched for.

    • A Document event indicates an item that was opened directly or in a Quick view from search results.

    • A Page Visit or Page View event indicates an item that was opened directly on a site.

    • A Case Creation event indicates the creation of a case in Salesforce.

    You can:

    • Evaluate the time spent by the customer to look for a solution to their issue before and after the case.

    • Click reviewed items to see what relevant information they contain relative to the case.

    • Propose more relevant items that weren’t opened and search terms that would allow to find them.

    • Look at the time interval between events to see if some relevant items that were opened may have been overlooked.