Generic REST API Source Reference

Although Coveo Cloud V2 has dedicated connectors for many web and on-premises systems, you may want to make other content searchable (see Available Coveo Cloud V2 Connectors). In such a case, you can use a Generic REST API source to retrieve and include this content in Coveo Cloud V2.

Many web applications offer a public API that developers can use to leverage the application in their own software. Coveo Cloud V2 takes advantage of such an API to call the application and thus retrieve its content. A Generic REST API source allows you to make searchable a large number of remote repositories exposing their data through a REST API.

Permissions are not supported yet (see Coveo Cloud V2 Management of Security Identities and Item Permissions). You can therefore only create a shared or a private source (see Content Security).

In the Coveo Cloud V2 administration console, you must provide a JSON REST configuration allowing Coveo to retrieve items from the repository REST services and their respective resource endpoints (see Add/Edit a Generic REST API Source and Generic REST API Source Tutorial). This configuration indicates which API calls to execute to fetch the desired items, how to parse the responses to extract relevant metadata, and what type of resources these items represent.