Using Okta as a Trusted Identity Provider

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Coveo SharePoint Server sources support SharePoint instances using Okta as a trusted identity provider (see Add or Edit a SharePoint Server Source). When configuring a SharePoint Server source, you can therefore allow Coveo to authenticate users in SharePoint via Okta.

Before you create a SharePoint security provider and source, however, you must retrieve two application parameters from Okta, as these parameters are required in the SharePoint Server source configuration (see Add or Edit a SharePoint Server Source).

  1. Log in to your Okta Developer account.

  2. Click Admin.

  3. Click Applications, and then, in the dropdown menu, select Applications.

  4. Click the SharePoint (On-Premise) application linked to the SharePoint instance you want to make searchable.

  5. Click Sign On.

  6. Under Settings > Sign On Methods, click View Setup Instructions.

  7. On the new page that appears, under Setup a new authentication provider > Create the Okta Trusted Token issuer using PowerShell Script, take note of the $realm and $signInURL values, which should respectively be formatted as follows:

    • urn:okta:sharepoint:myid


These values are required when creating your SharePoint Server source (see Add or Edit a SharePoint Server Source).