Explore Security Identities

The Explore Security Identities subpage lets you review the security identities managed by a security identity provider. For details on how Coveo leverages the security data in sources that index the repository access permissions, see Coveo Cloud Management of Security Identities and Item Permissions.

Along with each identity, the subpage displays information relevant for troubleshooting purposes:

After you delete users or groups from a security provider, these identities still appear on the Explore Security Identities subpage. Their displayed state is then Disabled (see Identity State).

Access the “Explore Security Identities” Subpage

On the Security Identities page, click the desired security identity provider, and then in the Action bar, click Explore Identities.

Refresh an Identity

You can manually refresh, i.e., launch an update, for a specific security identity.

This is useful when you know important security identity changes were made in a system and want to ensure that they’re now taken into account in your searchable content, or when you encounter issues with a specific identity (see Security Identity State Reference).

Ensure however that these security identities are also automatically updated following a scheduled update (see Edit Security Identity Provider Refresh Schedules).

  1. Access the “Explore Security Identities” subpage.

  2. In the Explore Security Identities subpage, in the Action bar, click Refresh Now.

    Security identity refresh progress information appears while the update takes place.

    You can also go to the Activity panel to see the update details.

Search as an Identity

You can impersonate an identity and open the Content Browser to view the content this identity is allowed to see (see Inspect Items With the Content Browser). This is especially useful when troubleshooting permission issues.

  1. Access the “Explore Security Identities” subpage.

  2. In the Explore Security Identities subpage, in the Action bar, click Search As.

    You’re then redirected to the Content Browser. At the top of the page, a ribbon reads: Searching as [Identity Type] [Identity Name]. On the right-hand side, click X to stop searching as the selected identity and display the entire organization content.

    When searching as an identity, the Content Browser parameter View all content is disabled. To display the entire organization content, click X in the Searching as [Identity Type] [Identity Name] ribbon.

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