Security Identities - Page

The Security Identities page allows you to review security identity refreshes and manage when they occur (typically daily).

Your Coveo Cloud organization maintains lists of relationships between all the security identities (users and groups) for all indexed systems (see Coveo Cloud V2 Management of Security Identities and Item Permissions). When a user performs a query, Coveo Cloud refers to these lists to instantly determine the user’s permissions and return only items the user is allowed to see.

The Security Identities page shows a list of security identity providers (such as Salesforce or Sitecore) used in your organization when one or more of your sources are configured as Secured (a source permission type available for some of the source types) (see Available Coveo Cloud V2 Source Types).

The table also indicates:

  • Type - The security provider type, which often match your source type, as well as the number of associated sources (see Available Coveo Cloud V2 Source Types).

  • Name - The display name of the security identify provider, and the provider ID underneath.

  • Status - The security identity provider status, i.e., the progress of the refresh operation, or the outcome of the last refresh attempt, the date, and the number of processed identities.

  • Content - The number of identities maintained for this security identity provider and the number of these identities that are in error (see State).