Log Browser

A member with the appropriate privileges (member of the default Users group) can use the Coveo Cloud administration console Log Browser page to inspect the status of an item sent through the indexing pipeline (see Required Privileges and Coveo Cloud V2 Indexing Pipeline). Since each log corresponds to a stage of the indexing pipeline for a single item, you can retrieve precise information from this page after having narrowed down your search. The Log Browser page is therefore especially useful when troubleshooting indexation issues regarding specific items.

  • An item cannot be found or seems not to have been indexed, so you want to see which stage of the indexing pipeline failed.

  • You want to review recently logged indexing errors and warnings in a proactive approach.

In this article, the word item is used as a generic term including all kind of files and items you wish to index, such as web pages, text items, videos, drawings, etc.