Reviewing All Events Related to Coveo Cloud Administration Console Resources

A member with the appropriate privileges (member of the Administrators built-in group) can use the Coveo Cloud administration console Activity Browser page to inspect all Coveo Cloud organization activities in one place and in real-time. This page is useful to filter activities with the available facets, and thus identify problems or suspicious operations and audit operations related to security.

You might want to review the activities in your organization that have failed.

Activity panels for specific categories such as the activity of source can still be accessed through related administration console pages.

Manage Ongoing Organization Activities

  1. On the Activity Browser page, under States, click the Executing checkbox.

  2. Click the ongoing activity you want to manage.

  3. In the Action bar, click More, and then select Resume, Pause, or Cancel.

    The availability of the options depends on the activity type.

    You can pause, cancel, or resume activities such as source refreshes, rescans, and rebuilds.

Activity State Indicator

In the Started column, a color indicator is associated to the activity result.

Dot status color Activity state
Gray (with animation) Ongoing
Gray (no animation) Aborted
Green Completed successfully
Yellow Paused
Red Completed, but failed

Required Privileges

The following table indicates the privileges required to view or edit elements of the Activity Browser page (see Privilege Management and Privilege Reference).

Action Service - Domain Required access level
View Organization - Activities View
Edit Organization - Activities Edit

A member with the View right on the Activities privilege could see activities from administration console pages they do not have the required privileges to access.

A member that does not have the View right on the Sources privilege could see activity of sources in the activity browser.

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