Review Organization Activity

The Activity Browser (platform-eu | platform-au) page of the Coveo Administration Console allows members with the required privileges to inspect all of the activities related to their Coveo organization in one place and in real-time.

You can use the available facets on the page to identify security problems, audit operations, and investigate suspicious activities. Other parts of the Administration Console however, such as the Sources page, have their own activity panels and can still be accessed through related Administration Console pages.

In addition to the Activity Browser, Coveo offers resource-specific activity panels in most Administration Console pages. For instance, clicking Clock Icon in the Fields page opens a panel listing all field-related activities. Performing the same action in the Reports page opens a panel listing all dashboard and explorer-related activities. Similarly, you can select a source and click Activity to see all activities pertaining to this source. However, unlike the Activity Browser, these panels don’t have facets. You can therefore only filter activities by date.

Manage Ongoing Organization Activities

In the Activity Browser, you can resume, pause, or cancel activities such as source refreshes and field synchronizations.

  1. On the Activity Browser (platform-eu | platform-au) page, under States, click the Executing check box.

  2. Click the ongoing activity that you want to manage, and then click More > Resume, Pause, or Cancel in the Action bar. The options available depend on the type of activity selected.

Download Source Update Logs

Should you need further information about an ongoing or completed source update operation, you can download a JSON log of the desired activity.

An update activity log contains nonsensitive information relative to the update process (e.g., authentication process, content expansion, item filtering). It could also contain warnings or errors, which hinder part or all of the source update operation.

To retrieve update logs, on the Activity Browser (platform-eu | platform-au) page, click the desired source activity, and then click Download Logs in the Action bar. The downloaded JSON file is named after the unique operation ID representing the selected activity.

This feature only allows you to download update logs of non Crawling Module sources. To retrieve the logs of Crawling Module sources, see About Crawling Module Logs.

Activity Browser Tips

  • The date range in the Action bar allows you to select up to 31 days among the last 180.

  • The URL of the page contains your facet value and date range selection. Therefore, you can bookmark the page to access the Activity Browser (platform-eu | platform-au) in the same state at a later time.

Activity State Indicator

In the Started column, a color indicator is associated with the state of the activity.

Dot status color Activity state
Gray (flashing) Ongoing
Gray (steady) Aborted
Green Completed successfully
Yellow Paused
Red Completed, but failed

Required Privileges

By default, members of the Administrators built-in group can view and edit elements of the Activity Browser (platform-eu | platform-au) page (see Manage Privileges and Privilege Reference).

Action Service - Domain Required access level
View activities

Organization - Activities

Organization - Organization

Download source update logs

Content - Connectivity diagnostic logs

Organization - Activities

Organization - Organization


A member with the privilege to view Activities can see all activities, including those from Administration Console pages that, given their privilege set, they can’t access.