About Coveo Cloud V2 Organization Backups

By default, the Coveo Platform makes two types of backups for your Coveo organization. One backup contains the content of your index and security cache, and the other keeps in memory important information related to your organization such as analytics data and sources. Both backups provide all the data required to restore your Coveo organization.

You can’t restore a backup from the Coveo Cloud Administration Console, you must contact Coveo Support when you need to restore one of your backups.

Relevant Information

  • Backups are replicated in several data centers and at a remote location.

  • Data processed by Coveo Cloud is encrypted both at rest and in transit using industry standards algorithms.

  • Organization backups are performed every day.

  • Index backups are performed weekly.

  • Organization and index backups are kept for 60 days.

    Backups for trial organizations are kept for 30 days.

  • The index is set to read-only mode during backups.

  • Index backups are performed during off-peak hours.

  • Backup schedules aren’t configurable.

  • An organization backup will fail if there’s an incoherence between a source and its security provider(s).

    A source referring to a non-existing security provider

What’s Included in Organization Backups?

  • API keys

  • Fields

  • Groups

  • Indexing pipeline extensions

  • License

  • Mappings

  • Notifications

  • Privileges

  • Security providers

  • Sources

  • Sources and security cache schedules

What’s Excluded From Backups?

  • Analytics

    • Data

    • Dimensions

    • Permission and named filters

    • Report configurations

  • Activities

  • Document logs

  • Search section configurations (search pages, query pipelines, Coveo ML models, etc.)

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