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By default, Coveo backs up and replicates your organization and your customer data. To successfully restore your organization, Coveo performs the following backups:

Index backup Organization backup UA backup






30 days

30 days

Configurations: 14 days, data: 1 year


Read only

Read only

Read only


Coveo index

API keys, fields, groups, indexing pipeline extensions, license, mappings, notifications, privileges, sources, security cache schedules

Configurations (such as dimensions, permission and named filters, report configurations) and data (all analytics events)

Additional information

Backups are replicated in several data centers and at a remote location. Backup schedules aren’t configurable and occur during off-peak hours.

You can’t restore a backup from the Coveo Administration Console, you must contact Coveo Support when you need to restore one of your backups.

Daily usage analytics data backups are retained at the following (possibly overlapping) checkpoints: last 7 days, last 5 Mondays, first day of the month for the last 12 months.

An organization backup will fail if there’s an inconsistency between a source and its security providers.