Coveo Cloud V2 Administration Console

You use the administration console, a web application, to manage your Coveo Cloud V2 organization. Depending on your privileges (see Privilege Management and Privilege Reference), you can perform various tasks such as managing the content of your organization (see Manage Sources) and reviewing usage analytics data (see Coveo Cloud Usage Analytics).


The Coveo Cloud V2 administration console is only available in English.

  • The administration console is organized into five sections (see Logging in to Coveo Cloud V2). The following table briefly describes the content of each section.

    Section Description
    Content Allows Coveo Cloud V2 organization members to bring content (with manageable fields, i.e., metadata) to the organization, manage scripts that customize the way source items are included, and review security identity providers that secure your content. Along the process, you can use the Content Browser search feature to ensure content and security are as expected (see Search - Section).
    Search Allows administrators and relevance managers1 to optimize search results relevance and search experience in general, and manage hosted search pages (see Search).
    Machine Learning Allows administrators and relevance managers1 to manage machine learning models, and evaluate their effectiveness and learning process.
    Analytics Allows administrators and analytics managers1 to monitor and measure the usage of their Coveo search solution (see Coveo Cloud Usage Analytics).
    Organization Allows administrators to manage the organization accesses (groups, members, and API keys) and review the organization activity (see Organization - Section).

    Note 1: See Built-In Groups for further information about the built-in user groups.

  • The administration console header is organized in four sections: the organization picker, the member identification drop-down menu, the information center, and the organization settings.

    • The organization picker indicates the organization that you are managing with the administration console. When you have access to more than one organization, you can switch between organizations while remaining logged in to Coveo Cloud V2 by selecting the desired organization in the Organization drop-down menu.

    • Next to the organization picker, the member identification drop-down menu (where your name and email address appear) allows you to access your User Notifications panel and to log out of the administration console (see User Notifications and Logging Out of Coveo Cloud V2).

    • The information center drop-down menu contains links to various resources.

      Available items Use when you want to
      What’s new Read about the new features of Coveo Cloud V2.
      Documentation Read about the administration console features and the actions you can perform.
      Support Access the Coveo Support Community site to access documentation and get help from the Coveo support team. You will need your Coveo Support username and password to manage your support cases.
      System status Access the search and indexing Coveo Cloud V2 service availability information.
      Security Learn how Coveo Cloud V2 secures your cloud-hosted data and its services.
      Terms and privacy Read the Coveo Customer Agreement and Coveo Privacy Policy.
    • In the top right corner, the Settings icon (Icon-AC8_Settings) brings you to your organization Settings panel (see Manage Coveo Cloud Organization Settings). The panel displays information on your organization such as the types of sources you can create, the license expiration date, and the license limits.

  • Under the administration console menu, the general status bar presents the state of your Coveo Cloud V2 organization and the Coveo Cloud V2 Systems (see Status).

What’s Next?

Access the administration console of your Coveo Cloud V2 organization (see Logging in to Coveo Cloud V2).