Coveo Cloud V2 Administration Console

The Coveo Cloud Administration Console is a web application allowing its users to manage their Coveo Cloud organization.

To access the Administration Console, one must be granted the privilege to see one of its pages, at least. Then, after logging in, they can review certain data or perform certain tasks, depending on the set of privileges they have been granted. For example, they could be allowed to manage the content of your organization or review usage analytics data.

Not all Coveo Cloud users in your company or organization need to access the Coveo Cloud Administration Console. Most Coveo Cloud users in your ecosystem only interact with the Coveo Cloud search interfaces you implemented in your intranet, customer support application, customer portal, etc. These end users are only seeking relevant content and don’t need to understand or manage the mechanics providing them their content.

Therefore, you should only grant the privilege to access the Coveo Cloud Administration Console to coworkers who actually need to review or edit your Coveo Cloud organization data and configuration.

The Administration Console is divided into four main sections:

Administration Console Components

The Administration Console navigation menu is organized into five sections, which group related pages. The following table briefly describes the content of each section.

Main Menu Components

1 Menu section
2 Active page
3 Available section page
Section Purpose
Content Allows you to manage sources, fields, and indexing pipeline extensions to optimize content retrieval and searchability.
Search Allows you to optimize search results relevance and search experience in general, and manage hosted search pages.
Machine Learning Allows you to manage Coveo Machine Learning models and evaluate their effectiveness and learning process.
Analytics Allows you to monitor and measure the usage of your Coveo search solution.
Organization Allows you to manage how groups, members, and API keys access the organization and to review the organization activity.

The Administration Console header appears at the top of all Administration Console pages. It includes two important features of Coveo Cloud: the organization picker and the organization settings button.

Administration Console Header Components

1 Hide/show navigation menu
2 Coveo logo with a link to
3 Coveo Cloud organization picker
4 Organization type
5 Member identification and member menu
6 Organization settings
7 In-product help

Organization Picker

The organization picker indicates which organization you’re managing with the Administration Console. When you have access to more than one organization, you can switch between organizations through the Organization drop-down menu.

There are four types of organization, and three of them are non-production organizations.

Production Organization

A production organization powers your Coveo-powered search page and/or components. Therefore, any change made in this organization affects the content your end users find in their search results, often in real time.

Sandbox Organization

A sandbox organization is a test organization. It allows you to test changes without affecting your end users. Then, when you’re satisfied with the results, you can apply your changes to your production organization.

Test Organization

A test organization is a disposable test organization that you can create from the organization picker to make quick tests or explore Coveo Cloud features. A test organization quickly becomes inactive when no query is performed.


A trial organization is a temporary organization created to allow you to test Coveo before committing to a full license. A trial organization quickly becomes inactive when no query is performed.

Member Identification

The member identification drop-down menu, i.e., where your service provider, name, and email address appear, allows you to access your User Notifications panel and to log out of the Administration Console.

Organization Settings

In the upper-right corner, click Settings to access your organization Settings panel. The panel displays information on your organization such as the types of sources you can create, the license expiration date, and the license limits.

See Managing Coveo Cloud Organization Settings and Limits for more details.

Status Section

Under the Administration Console menu, the Status section shows the state of your Coveo Cloud organization and of the Coveo Cloud Systems when you hover over it.

Status Panel

Administration Console users can leverage the Navigate to box to quickly access a Coveo Cloud Administration Console page, panel, or usage analytics report in accordance with their privileges. To do so:

  1. In the Coveo Cloud Administration Console, open the Navigate to box by pressing Ctrl+K (cmd+K on Mac).

  2. In the Navigate to box, type Coveo Cloud Administration Console text, such as page and usage analytics report titles.

    You can access some creation panels and subpages by typing Create along with your other keywords.

    • Enter Sources to access the Sources page.

    • Enter Report - Dashboard - Summary to reach the Summary dashboard.

    • Enter Report - Explorer - Create to add a blank explorer.

  3. Use keyboard arrows to reach the desired suggested values, and then press Enter or press Ctrl + Enter (cmd + Enter on Mac) to reach the destination in a new browser tab.

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