Notifications - Page

In the Notifications page, Coveo Cloud organization members can configure notifications to be informed when certain events (activities) occur in their organization. For instance, you could choose to receive an email when a source fails to rebuild. These periodical customized reports allow you to watch closely certain events, errors, or changes in your organization.

When you have the required privileges, you can review and delete the default subscriptions and those created by your organization members (see User Notifications). You can also subscribe to custom notifications (see Add/Edit an Organization Notification).

The organization notifications you set up in the Notifications page are similar to the user notifications one can configure, but offer additional options (see User Notifications). As an administrator, in the Notifications page, you can configure notifications to be sent via a webhook or JSON email, rather than in a classic email. Moreover, this page displays all organization and user notifications created by your organization users.

Unlike user notifications, organization subscriptions are not deleted when their author is deleted from the organization. They remain active and keep sending reports to the specified webhook or email address. Hence, users wanting to receive notifications for their own use should create a user notification. Temporary users and administrators wanting to receive the notifications as JSON content or as a post to an endpoint should create an organization notification.

  • By default, the organization contact is notified when a member of their Coveo Cloud organization hits a license limit (see Review the Organization Limits of Your Organization License).

    The organization contact receives an email when an organization member opens a dashboard that contains a number of cards exceeding your organization license agreements.

  • The default subscription can have been deleted. You can recreate the subscription by adding a user notification with the following configuration (see Add/Edit a User Notification). This configuration alerts you whenever an organization limit is hit (see Review the Organization Limits of Your Organization License).

    Parameter Value
    Notification frequency Instantly
    Results All
    Resource types Licenses
    Operations Limit hit