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Coveo processes different forms of customer data: index data and analytics data. This article describes those forms of data.

Index data

Index data is the content of customer sources that Coveo is authorized to index (for example, Salesforce, SharePoint, Slack, Zendesk, Adobe, Jira, SAP, Confluence, ServiceNow, Sitecore, and Dropbox). The Coveo Hosted Services use this data to provide relevant search results and recommendations to your end users.

Index data is a binary deconstruction of your indexed content, compressed using proprietary algorithms, and encrypted at rest using AES-256. Index data contains an HTML representation of the original content.

Customers have full control over the information that resides in their Coveo index. See Manage sources for more information.

Analytics data

Analytics data is the information reflecting the interactions between the customer’s end-users and Coveo’s search interface, servers, or applications that are part of the Hosted Services. See Usage analytics events for a description of those events.

Please refer to this page for more information on how to implement data privacy features for analytics data.