Index Shared Drives only

By default, a Google Drive for Work source indexes the content of My Drive folders. You can configure it to index content from Shared Drives as well.

However, if you want to index Shared Drive only, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure to have a Google account with administrator credentials. These credentials allow your Coveo organization to read your Google account using OAuth 2.0, a protocol that authorizes access without giving your password.

  2. Create a Google Drive for Work source.

  3. Create a Google API Console project.

  4. Modify security parameters in your Google Apps account.

  5. Create a user account. This will be your crawling account. You’ll use it to select the Shared Drives you want to index.

  6. Create a user group, and add the user as the sole member of the group.

  7. Follow Google’s instructions on publishing a new internal app. Make sure to do the following:

    1. When configuring the OAuth consent screen, select the Internal user type. You won’t need to create new OAuth credentials or to publish them for verification since you’re publishing an internal app.

    2. When enabling the Google Workspace Marketplace SDK:

      1. Set the App visibility to Private.

      2. Set the Installation settings to Admin Only Install.

      3. Under App Integration, select Web App.

      4. Under Universal Nav Url, enter any safe site. This URL doesn’t matter.

      5. Under OAuth scopes, enter the following addresses:






    3. When creating a store listing, fill in all required fields. The URLs, email addresses, and images don’t matter, as long as they exist.

    4. Once you’ve created the store listing, copy the App Url. You’ll need it later on.

  8. Go back to the service account you created.

  9. Under Advanced settings, click Create Google Workspace Marketplace-compatible OAuth Client.

  10. Access the app URL using a super admin account.

  11. While installing the app, under Install the app automatically for the following users, select only the group you created earlier. This ensure that the Coveo source can only impersonate the dedicated user account you created.

  12. On the Sources (platform-ca | platform-eu | platform-au) page of the Coveo Administration Console, click the Google Drive for Work source, and then click Edit in the Action bar.

  13. Under Users to include, select Specific, and then enter your dedicated user account. Then, click Save.

  14. On the Sources (platform-ca | platform-eu | platform-au) page of the Coveo Administration Console, click the Google Drive for Work source, and then click More > Edit JSON.

  15. In the Edit a Source JSON Configuration panel, set the IndexSharedDrives parameter value to true.

  16. Under the IndexSharedDrives parameter, add the ForceIndexSharedDrivesNotManagedByUser parameter, and set it to true. Then, click Save.

  17. Share the desired Shared Drives with your dedicated user account. Grant the Commenter access level if you want to index comments. Otherwise, select the Viewer level.