Modify Security Parameters in Your Google Apps Account

To authorize Coveo to access your Google content, you must perform a G Suite domain-wide delegation of authority after creating a Google API console project and service account.

Authorize Coveo to Access Your Google Content

  1. Access the User hub with an administrator account.

  2. In the hub, click Admin Console.

  3. In the Admin Console, click Apps.

  4. On the Apps page, click G Suite.

  5. On the Google Apps page, ensure that the status for Drive and Docs is set to On for everyone.

  6. In the top menu, select Google Admin.

  7. In the Admin Console, click Security, and then click API controls.

  8. In the Domain wide delegation pane, select Manage Domain Wide Delegation.

  9. Click Add new.

  10. In the Add a new client ID panel, in the Client ID box, enter the Client ID obtained when you created a service account.

  11. In the OAuth Scopes box, enter the following list of values, separating them with a comma:






  12. Click Authorize.

What’s Next?

In the Coveo Administration Console, add a Google Drive for Work source.

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