Creating a Crawling Module source

Once you have deployed the Coveo Crawling Module, you can log in to the Coveo Administration Console to create a source and make its content searchable through a Coveo-powered search interface.

The Crawling Module can index the following types of on-premises content. Click the desired type to access the source-specific documentation for more information:

As an alternative to the Administration Console, you can use the Coveo Platform API to provide Coveo with the content you want to make searchable. See Creating a Crawling Module source using the Source API and the general Source API documentation for details.

Indexing secured content

Starting March 26, 2020, Coveo has progressively released connector improvements allowing you to create sources that index permissions that are up and running within minutes. Prior to these improvements, the Coveo team was required to perform some additional work on a source of secured content to make it operational.

The following table lists the dates on which a new version of the connector has been released. If you created or duplicated a Crawling Module source that indexed permissions on or after this date, ensure that you have also edited the Crawling Module configuration to create a security worker that will execute security identity updates.

Source Release date

July 13, 2020

Jive Server

June 26, 2020

SharePoint Server

April 22, 2020

March 26, 2020


Sources created before the above dates are no longer supported, but still operational. Should any configuration change be required on such a source, we recommend duplicating the source and deleting the original version. You can then edit the duplicate as desired. You must also adjust your number of security workers.

For more information on sources that index permissions and on how Coveo handles these permissions, see Coveo management of security identities and item permissions.

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