Updating the Status of a Push Source

The status of a source should typically change as soon as a process begins retrieving content intended to be added, updated, and/or deleted in that source, and it should change again as soon as this process ends. Status changes make up the basic activity logs of a source, which can notably be seen from the Sources page in the Coveo Cloud administration console.

Standard connectors automatically take care of updating their respective source statuses. However, you are fully responsible for updating the statuses of your custom Push sources. Otherwise, those sources will always appear as Ready to receive items in the Coveo Cloud administration console.

When you start or finish performing a set of operations to update a Push source, you should generally update the source status accordingly.

  1. Set the Push source to one of the active status (REBUILD, REFRESH, or INCREMENTAL) prior to retrieving new or updated content to be indexed in the source:

    Status name Corresponding status name in the Coveo Cloud administration console When to set the Push source to this status Typical resource cost
    REBUILD Rebuild You plan to re-index the entire content of the source, updating all previously indexed items in the process. High
    REFRESH Rescan You plan to scan the current content of the source, compare it with the content you intend to push, and only update new, modified, and/or deleted items in the source. Moderate
    INCREMENTAL Refresh You plan to use a feature of the indexed enterprise system to identify and push only the delta between the system in its present state and the current content of the source, without scanning the content of the source first. Low
  2. Set the Push source status back to IDLE when you are done performing the Push API operations that forward the retrieved content update to your index.

Use the Set the status of a Push source operation to update the status of a specific Push source in a Coveo Cloud organization.

Request template

POST https://push.cloud.coveo.com/v1/organizations/<MyOrganizationId>/sources/<MySourceId>/status?statusType=<MyStatusType> HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json
Authorization: Bearer <MyAccessToken>

In the request path:

In the request query string:

  • You replace <MyStatusType> with the desired statusType value (IDLE, INCREMENTAL, REBUILD, or REFRESH).

In the Authorization HTTP header:

A successful response (201 Created) has no content, but signifies that the status of the target Push source has been updated.

Sample Request

Setting the status of a Push source to REFRESH

POST https://push.cloud.coveo.com/v1/organizations/mycoveocloudv2organizationg8tp8wu3/sources/mycoveocloudv2organizationg8tp8wu3-rp5rxzbdz753uhndklv2ztkfgy/status?statusType=REFRESH HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json
Authorization: Bearer **********-****-****-****-************



Successful response - 201 Created