Push API Limits

The Push API enforces certain request size and call frequency limits.

These limits could change at any time without prior notice.

Request Size Limits

You will typically get a 413 Request Entity Too Large response if your total Push API request size exceeds:

Assuming you are using a fairly small number of batch calls to do so, you can safely push:

  • A sporadic burst of batches totalizing no more than 1,000,000 items over a one-hour period.

    Once per month, you push about 1,000,000 items over a one-hour period.

  • A sustained flow of batches totalizing no more than 300,000 items per hour.

    Once per month, over a 24-hour period, you push about 300,000 items per hour.

Always use batch calls when you need to push many items/security identities (see Managing Batches of Items in a Push Source and Managing Batches of Security Identities).

Remember that contractually, you must contact Coveo if you want to arrange performance tests on the Coveo Cloud platform (see Can I Conduct a Performance Test on Coveo?).

When pushing many items over a short period of time, keep in mind that buffering will typically occur.

The index speed of a Coveo Cloud organization varies based on its typical usage. Also, the more items an index contains, the longer it takes to process new items. A typical production index can process up to 300,000 items per hour, while a typical sandbox index can process no more than 10,000 items per hour.

Consequently, while you technically can push bursts of up to 1,000,000 items over a one-hour period, your index will typically require at least 3 hours to process all this new information. Similarly, while you can push a sustained flow of 300,000 items per hour, there is no guarantee that your index will be able to keep up with that pace.