Push API Limits

The Push API enforces certain request size and call frequency limits.

These limits could change at any time without prior notice.

Request Size Limits

You will typically get a 413 Request Entity Too Large response if your total Push API request size exceeds:

  • 1,000,000 items and/or security identities per hour (assuming you are using a fairly small number of batch calls to do so).

    This does not imply that you should ever make one million Push API calls per hour.

    Contractually, you must contact Coveo to arrange performance tests on the Coveo Cloud platform (see Coveo Cloud Performance Tests).

    Typically, you should:

    • Start experimenting with the Push API by manually making a few “test” calls. At this point, you should only use the “single” push operations.
    • Once you understand the basic concepts behind the Push API, you should manually make a few small “batch” push operations to get comfortable before automating the process.
    • When you feel confident enough, you can start actually adding and/or updating the bulk of your Push source content by automating “batch” push operations (Add, update, and/or delete batch of items, Add, update, and/or delete batch of identities). Using these operations will allow you to push large number of items and/or security identities, while keeping your number of Push API calls per hour relatively low.