Logging Messages From an Indexing Pipeline Extension

The following procedure describes how to log messages from an indexing pipeline extension using the Extension API (see Extension API).

  1. Create an extension script.

  2. In the extension script, use the Log method.

  3. Apply the extension to a source.

  4. Rebuild the source to run the extension and impact how the content is indexed.

  5. Once an item is processed and the extension is applied, a log entry can be viewed on the Coveo Administration Console Log Browser (platform-ca | platform-eu | platform-au) page. Once the source is rebuilt, all log entries are available.


In the Log Browser, you can see your log message only when expanding a row detailing an Applying extension Stage. Your log message will appear only when the Add Operation Result is Completed. By design, any other value for Operation, Result, or Stage means that there’s no log message available.