Reserved Item Body Keys

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When you push an item, you can include as many metadata key-value pairs as you need in your item body, as long as each key name is unique.

The following key names are reserved in the item body:

  • compressedBinaryData

  • compressedBinaryDataId

  • compressionType

  • data

  • documentId

  • fileExtension

  • orderingId

  • parentId

  • permissions

Don’t use any of the reserved key names as metadata keys. Otherwise, your push operation will likely have unexpected results, or fail due to invalid JSON.

Metadata key names are case-insensitive (for example, mykey, MyKey, myKey, MYKEY, etc. are all considered identical).

This implies that you can never use a reserved keyword as a distinct metadata, even if you somehow alter its case.

Valid metadata keys

  "document_id": "",
  "my_fileextension": ".html",
  "mymeta": "myvalue"

Invalid metadata keys:

  "documentid": "",
  "FILEEXTENSION": ".html"

See also Item Models - DocumentBody.