Disable Old Security Identities

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You can perform a single Push API call to disable all security identities that were last updated by a Push API operation whose orderingId value is lower than a specified value.

Use the Delete old security identities operation to disable all old security identities in a specific security identity cache.

Request template

DELETE https://api.cloud.coveo.com/push/v1/organizations/<MyOrganizationId>/providers/<MySecurityIdentityProviderId>/permissions/olderthan?orderingId=<MyOrderingId> HTTP/1.1
Accept: application/json
Authorization: Bearer <MyAccessToken>

For legacy reasons, the request path of this operation includes the word permissions instead of identities. While those two concepts are related, they have entirely different meanings.

Remember that this operation actually allows you to interact with security identities (not permissions).

In the request path:

In the query string:

  • Replace <MyOrderingId> with the orderingId value you want to use to indicate that any security identity pushed with an operation whose orderingId is lower (older) than this value should be disabled in the security identity cache (see About the orderingId Parameter).

In the Authorization HTTP header:

Sample Request

Disabling all security identities older than the specified orderingId value

DELETE https://api.cloud.coveo.com/push/v1/organizations/mycoveocloudv2organizationg8tp8wu3/providers/My%20Secured%20Push%20Source%20Security%20Identity%20Provider/permissions/olderthan?orderingId=1509711177594 HTTP/1.1
Accept: application/json
Authorization: Bearer **********-****-****-****-************

Successful response - 202 Accepted