Possible crawlerInstanceType values

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Whenever you create a source from raw configuration in a Coveo organization from the API, you need to specify a valid crawlerInstanceType in the request body.

The /raw API is intended for advanced users only. We recommend that users refer to the simple API instead.

The following table lists the possible crawlerInstanceType values and their corresponding display names in the Coveo Administration Console (see Connector directory).

crawlerInstanceType Administration Console display name
Connector.AmazonS3 Amazon S3
Connector.Box Box Business
Connector.Confluence Confluence Server
Connector.Confluence2 Confluence Cloud
Connector.Dropbox Dropbox
Connector.GmailGoogleApps Gmail for Work (Deprecated)
Connector.GoogleDriveCompactGoogleApps Google Drive for Work
Connector.Jira2 Jira Software Server (On-Premises)
Connector.Jira2 Jira Software Cloud


Jive Cloud
Connector.Lithium Khoros Community
Connector.RSS RSS
Connector.Salesforce2 Salesforce
Connector.SharePoint SharePoint Online
Connector.Sitemap Sitemap
Connector.Web2 Web
Connector.YouTube YouTube