Khoros Community source JSON modification

You can change Khoros Community source hidden parameters by modifying the source JSON configuration from the Coveo Administration Console.

To modify the JSON configuration, select the Khoros Community source on the Sources (platform-ca | platform-eu | platform-au) page, and then access the Edit a source JSON configuration panel. In this panel, select the Configuration tab and make the applicable changes in the JSON configuration box. All parameters must be added to the parameters section of the source JSON configuration.

BasicAuthenticationUsername and BasicAuthenticationPassword

The BasicAuthenticationUsername and BasicAuthenticationPassword parameters determine the username and password to use when a Khoros community is secured with basic (http) authentication.

For example, KHOROS_COMMUNITY_AUTHORIZATION_ERROR appears in the Activity Browser. A Coveo Support agent instructs you to add the BasicAuthenticationUsername and BasicAuthenticationPassword parameters to fix the issue.

"BasicAuthenticationUsername": {
  "sensitive": false,
  "value": ""
"BasicAuthenticationPassword": {
  "sensitive": true,
  "value": "mypassword"

The sensitive attribute must be set to true for the BasicAuthenticationPassword parameter. Otherwise, the password will appear in clear text in the JSON configuration.


If you use a reverse proxy, your REST API might not reside at your community root URL. You must therefore add the RestApiUrl hidden parameter to specify the URL address at which your REST API resides.


Khoros Community doesn’t recommend using a reverse proxy (see Reverse proxy and Lithium communities while logged in with a Khoros community account).


Your community root URL is, and your REST API resides at

"RestApiUrl": {
  "sensitive": false,
  "value": ""