Pushing Embedded Documents

The Coveo indexing pipeline can automatically detect and index certain kinds of embedded documents (e.g., Excel spreadsheets embedded in Word documents).

In doing so, the index populates a set of fields which establish a single-level parent-child relationship between the parent document and its embedded children:

  • @topparent: The parent in the given parent-child relationship.

  • @isattachment: Populated in child items only. If present, has the same value as @topparent.

  • @containsattachments: Populated in parent items only. If present, has the same value as @topparent.

It’s possible to leverage those fields in result folding.

Folding Embedded Items with the JavaScript Search Framework

Use a FoldingForThread component, setting the following options:

<div class="CoveoFoldingForThread"

See Folding results - One-Level Relationships.

Folding Embedded Items with the Coveo APIs Directly

In your Search API requests, specify the following:

"filterFIeld": "@topparent",
"parentField": "@containsattachments",
"childField": "@isattachment",

See Handling Folded Results