Pushing Item Data

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Depending on your needs, you can use one of the following properties to specify the data you want to push along with an individual item:

Property name Maximum data size Allows binary data Allows compressed data Note Dedicated article
data 5 MB x x

Limited, but simple and useful for tests.

Using the data Property
compressedBinaryData 5 MB check check

Value must be the Base64 encoded data.

Using the compressedBinaryData Property
compressedBinaryDataFileId 256 MB check check Value must be the ID of the file container where the data was previously uploaded. Using the compressedBinaryDataFileId Property

Whenever you perform an operation to add or update an item in a Push source, you should specify an adequate value for the fileExtension property (for example, .txt, .html, .docx, .pdf, etc.).

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