Add or Edit a Source Using One of the Available Connectors

Members of the Administrators and Content Managers built-in groups can manage sources in your Coveo Cloud organization.

A source is a Coveo Cloud virtual container holding all items related to a repository such as your company website, Twitter account, SharePoint system etc. This content is searchable through a search interface.

To retrieve your content and create a source, Coveo Cloud uses a connector, a module that establishes a connection with a specific type of repository. A connector extracts the desired data as well as the corresponding permissions, and stores it in your index.

Moreover, some connectors can use different content retrieval methods, depending on where the data is located and how you want Coveo to extract it. Once the content is retrieved, however, the indexing process is the regardless of the connector or method used.

Available Connectors

Coveo Cloud offers a variety of connectors to allow you to index a wide range of content.

Note 1: N/A indicates that the repository doesn’t have a version (e.g., a web page) or that the repository version changes frequently (e.g., cloud repositories).

Note 2: The content retrieval methods of this connector include the Coveo On-Premises Crawling Module.

Note 3: To make this content searchable, you must install the Coveo On-Premises Crawling Module.

Note 4: Some permission systems aren’t officially supported by Coveo Cloud. A custom project may therefore be required to index your source permissions. If you want your Coveo-powered search interface to replicate the original source permissions, contact the Coveo Support team.

Note 5: With Salesforce sources, the equivalent for the Determined by source permissions option is the Users following system permissions option.

Note 6: With Salesforce sources, the closest equivalent for the Source creator option is the Specific identities option.

Note 7: On-premises Active Directory permission systems aren’t supported with SharePoint Server sources of the On-Premises type. If you use the Crawling Module, however, Active Directory is supported.

Support for Older System Versions

Coveo connectors only support system versions that are actively maintained by their vendor. When a vendor announces that a version is at end-of-life, Coveo ceases support for this version. This means Coveo no longer actively maintains and tests the connector with this version.

However, a connector can generally still be used with a system version for which support has been dropped. You therefore don’t have to upgrade to a newer version to continue to index your content.

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