Getting Started with Coveo Case Assist

Coveo Case Assist is an API-based solution designed to optimize the case creation process and augment case deflection. It offers two main functionalities:

  • Case Classification

    Automatically suggests classifications that relate to the case that’s being filled by the end user. This functionality allows end users to classify their cases with ease and accuracy while they’re creating them.

  • Document Suggestion

    Automatically suggests documents that are relevant to the case that’s being filled by the end user. This functionality aims to augment case deflection by potentially resolving a customer’s case before it’s submitted.

This article provides an overview of the resources available to implement a case creation experience powered by Coveo Case Assist.

Case Creation Experience Demo

This short video shows a sample case creation experience that can be implemented using the Coveo Case Assist API.

Create a Case Assist Configuration

The Case Assist page of the Coveo Administration Console lets you create and manage Case Assist configurations. Creating your configuration is the first step to implementing a Case Assist Experience.

Build Your User Interface

Once you have created your Case Assist configuration, you can use the Customer Service API to invoke it from any environment. The Customer Service API bundles various functionalities that are core to handling customer service use cases. It exposes endpoints which let you retrieve document suggestions and case classifications while a support case is being created.

If you’re working in a Salesforce environment, use the CaseAssistAPIClient to leverage the Customer Service API in Apex, as it will handle some of the complexity for you.

Log Case Assist Events

The script exposes methods that let you log Case Assist events to the Coveo Usage Analytics (Coveo UA) service. For information on how to log usage analytics events in the Case Assist workflow, see Log Case Assist Events.

Generate Case Assist Reports

Once Case Assist events have been logged to the Coveo UA service, you can use the Reports page of the Coveo Administration Console to generate a Case Assist dashboard based on the standard Case Assist events. For more information, see Generate Case Assist Reports.

Sample Case Assist Walkthrough

The Coveo Case Assist Cookbook is now available on GitHub! This pre-built example of a Salesforce Lightning Flow uses the Coveo Customer Service API capabilities to predict case classification values and provide document suggestions. It’s distributed as a best practices example for building case creation experiences powered by Coveo Case Assist.

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