Page views not being recorded when browsing with IE11

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When using the Coveo Page View Anaytics rendering in a web page, users browsing the page with Internet Explorer 11 don’t have their page views recorded in the Coveo Analytics database. These users notice an error message similar to the following in their browser tools console:

SCRIPT1028: Expected identifier, string or number

This issue occurs when Internet Explorer 11 reaches the following point in the <SITECORE_INSTANCE_ROOT>\Views\Coveo Hive\Analytics\Coveo Page View Analytics.cshtml file code:

Internet Explorer 11 error message | Coveo


Internet Explorer 11 doesn’t support the JavaScript code in the Coveo Page View Analytics.cshtml rendering file at the point where the error occurs.


There’s no resolution to this issue.

Usage of Internet Explorer 11 is such that the impact of this limitation on usage analytics and search relevance is negligible.