Add note cards

Usage analytics dashboards offer many ways to review the data collected by Coveo Usage Analytics (Coveo UA)(see Review and manage dashboards).

You can, among other things, add note cards to dashboards to highlight important elements in existing cards, such as statistics that require attention or configuration change histories, or to warn users.

Add Note Cards in Usage Analytics Dashboards

  1. In an existing dashboard, access Edit mode by clicking Edit in the upper-right corner.

    In a new dashboard, the report is in Edit mode by default (see Add dashboards).

  2. In a section, click Add card to section to access the Add a Card dialog.

    You can also duplicate an existing card with the Duplicate icon Duplicate, and then only modify what needs to be different (see Duplicate a Dashboard Element).

  3. In the Add a Card dialog:

    1. Select Note.

      You can create a note card warnings users to not modify a specific card configuration.


    2. In the first input, enter a meaningful Card title.

      When you leave the input empty and save the dashboard, the card title will be Note.

      Warning for the Visit Clickthrough Graphic

    3. In the Note input, enter a comment, an explanation, or a warning in plain text or using Markdown syntax (see Basic Syntax).

      You can expand the Formatting section to review some Markdown syntax elements (that is, heading, bold, and italic).

      The following Markdown elements are supported:

      • Tables

      • Text emphasis (italic, bold, strikethrough, etc.)

      • Lists

      • Links

      • Code and syntax highlighting

      • YouTube videos

      • Images

      • Block quotes

      • Headers

      • Paragraph

      • Line breaks

      • You want to refer to another one of your Coveo organization reports:


      • You want to embed a YouTube video, in this case, a video that introduces your usage analysts to Coveo UA:


       **Coveo Bite Size Learning - Analytics Part 1: Introduction**
       [![Video thumbnail](]
       ( "Open on YouTube")
    4. In the Preview section, you can see how the note content will look like after adding or saving the card.

    5. In the Advanced Settings section, under Type, select whether the note is an Information or a Warning.

    6. Click Add Card.

  4. Back on the dashboard, click Save in the upper-right corner.

Required Privileges

The following table indicates the required privileges to view and edit dashboards from the Reports (platform-ca | platform-eu | platform-au) page and associated panels (see Manage privileges and Privilege reference).

Access to dashboards or part of their content may be further restricted as a function of the member (see Manage access to reports and Manage permission filters).

Action Service - Domain Required access level
View dashboards

Analytics - Analytics data

Analytics - Dimensions

Analytics - Reports

Organization - Organization

Edit dashboards

Analytics - Analytics data

Analytics - Dimensions

Organization - Organization

Analytics - Reports Edit
Analytics - Administrate Allowed