Exporting Data from a Card

When you want to share information from a usage analytics card, for instance to share your top documents or content gap results, you can export a light-weighted data report. This data can be extracted from any card on your dashboard with the Data Explorer panel, so you can analyze and visualize it.

The data is exported in a CSV file (spreadsheet), which can be read by third-party tools such as Microsoft Excel.

While you can extract all the data from your reports (see Managing Data Exports), you are encouraged to use the Data Explorer only for a limited period, so you will have a shorter report.

To export data from a card

  1. Log in to your Coveo Cloud organization with an account member of a group with at least the following privileges (see Privileges):

    • Analytics Data - View

    • Data Exports - View and Edit

    • Dimensions - View

    • Named Filters - View

    • Reports - View

  2. In the navigation bar on the left, under Analytics, select Reports.

  3. Double-click the report containing the card from which you want to extract data.

  4. Hover over the desired card, and then click the Explore Data icon (Icon-ExploreDatab) at the top right of the card.

  5. In the Data Explorer panel, at the bottom right, click the download icon (Icon-Download), which creates a CSV file with all the card data.

    The CSV file starts downloading in your browser.

You can also filter the data in the card you want to export by using the filter icon (Icon-FilterAddition).