Configure the built-in Coveo-powered search page

Coveo for ServiceNow comes with a built-in search page that allows ServiceNow administrators to search their ServiceNow content as well as any other content they index from the ServiceNow Administration Console.

Once you have followed the steps below to configure your search page, you can access it by navigating to Coveo > Search.

Coveo-powered search page

Like the widgets you previously added to your ServiceNow instance, this built-in search page must be linked to a Coveo query pipeline in order to be operational.

  1. In the Coveo Administration Console, on the Query Pipelines (platform-ca | platform-eu | platform-au) page:

    • If you want to use an existing pipeline, click the pipeline, and then click More > Edit in the Action bar.

    • Create a new pipeline for the search page to use.

  2. In the Add/Edit a Query Pipeline (platform-ca | platform-eu | platform-au) panel, create the following condition:

    Search hub is ServiceNow_FullSearchPage.

    With such a condition, your pipeline will be used for all queries originating from the search page.


    If your pipeline already has a condition, ensure to include this previous condition in your new one with an OR operator.

    For example, your pipeline has the following condition: Search Hub is Portal_MyWidget. You want to link a new portal widget to this pipeline, so your new condition is Search Hub is Portal_MyWidget OR Search Hub is ServiceNow_FullSearchPage. With this condition, your pipeline will be used for all queries originating from either the widget or the search page.

Customize the Coveo-powered search page

Once you have linked the Coveo built-in search page to a query pipeline, a default search page is displayed in ServiceNow under Coveo > Search. While this page is fully functional as it is, you may want to use a search page that you have tailored to your needs instead.

In the Coveo Administration Console, on the Search Pages (platform-ca | platform-eu | platform-au) page, create a classic hosted search page (with the Interface Editor) and name it ServiceNow_FullSearchPage.

You can then use the Interface Editor to customize your new search page.

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