Configuring a Recommendations Panel

The Coveo Recommendations widget displays personalized content recommendations to users visiting the page in which it is embedded. Coveo Machine Learning (Coveo ML) makes those recommendations based on the profile of each user, as well as on the pages they have already visited.

  1. Follow the implementation instructions in Coveo Machine Learning Event Recommendations Deployment Overview.
  2. Access the Page Designer for the portal page in which you want to add the Recommendations widget.
  3. If applicable, create a container and choose a column layout for the widget.

    The Recommendations widget is designed to fit in spaces equivalent to least three columns of the Bootstrap grid template.

  4. Drag the Coveo Recommendations widget from the menu on the left to the desired space.
  5. Customize the Recommendations widget or its CSS (see Recommendations Widget Options).
  6. Click Preview at the top of the Form Designer to ensure that the page and the widget look as expected.

What’s Next

Configure Coveo query filters to ensure that the Coveo for ServiceNow components you configured in your public-facing and internal portals only return items from appropriate subsets of your Coveo Cloud organization index.