Configure a Recommendations panel

The Coveo Recommendations widget displays personalized content recommendations to users visiting the page in which it’s embedded. Coveo Machine Learning (Coveo ML) makes those recommendations based on the profile of each user, as well as on the pages they have already visited.

Alternatively, you can also implement the Coveo Top Queries widget to recommend queries to your users.

Implement the Recommendations panel

  1. Follow the implementation instructions in Deploy Content Recommendations (CR).

  2. Access the Page Designer for the portal page in which you want to add the Recommendations widget.

  3. If applicable, create a container and choose a column layout for the widget.


    The Recommendations widget is designed to fit in spaces equivalent to at least three columns of the Bootstrap grid template.

  4. Drag the Coveo Recommendations widget from the menu on the left to the desired space.

  5. Optionally, customize the Recommendations widget. Thanks to the Scope and Component options, you can name your widget according to your convention.

  6. Click Preview at the top of the Form Designer to ensure that the page and the widget look as expected.

Configure your query pipeline

Once you have implemented the widget in your ServiceNow instance, you must link it to a query pipeline in your Coveo organization.

  1. On the Query Pipelines (platform-ca | platform-eu | platform-au) page of the Coveo Administration Console, do one of the following:

    • Click an existing pipeline, and then click Edit components in the Action bar.

    • Create a new pipeline for your Coveo for ServiceNow widget to use.

  2. In the query pipeline panel, create a condition enforcing a specific search hub (Search hub is) for the pipeline. The filter value to enter depends on your widget configuration:

    • If you didn’t provide Scope and Component values in the widget options, enter ServiceNow.

    • If you provided a scope and a component, enter them in the following format: Scope_Component.


      For a widget with a Portal scope and a MyWidget component, your condition value should be Portal_MyWidget. Your complete pipeline condition is therefore Search Hub is Portal_MyWidget.

      With such a condition, your pipeline will be used for all queries originating from the widget.


      If your pipeline already has a condition, ensure to include this previous condition in your new one with an OR operator.

      For example, your pipeline has the following condition: Search Hub is Portal_MyWidget. You want to link a new portal widget to this pipeline, so your new condition is Search Hub is Portal_MyWidget OR Search Hub is Portal_MySecondWidget. With this condition, your pipeline will be used for all queries originating from one of these widgets.

What’s next?

Configure the built-in Coveo-powered search page, which allows ServiceNow administrators to search their ServiceNow content as well as any other indexed content from the ServiceNow Administration Console.