Add the Page View Tracker to Your Portal Pages

The Coveo Recommendations widget provides personalized content recommendations to users visiting the page in which it’s embedded. However, to enable Coveo Machine Learning (Coveo ML) to feed the Recommendations widget, you must track your users’ journey on your service portal with the Page View Tracker widget. This invisible widget, once embedded in your service portal pages, logs the pages visited and the items clicked. Once compiled and analyzed by Coveo ML, this data allows the Recommendations widget to suggest relevant content. More specifically, the widget suggests content that interested users with a similar profile and journey.

  1. In the Now Platform UI of your ServiceNow instance, navigate to Service Portal > Headers & Footers, and then click the footer in use in your portal.

  2. Copy and paste the following code line in your service portal footer Body HTML template to embed the Page View Tracker widget in the footer. This operation adds the Page View Tracker widget to all your portal pages at once.

     <widget id="coveo-page-view-tracker"></widget>
  3. Optionally, specify a type of content to track.

     <widget id="coveo-page-view-tracker" options='{"content_type": "products"}'></widget>

What’s Next?

Configure a Recommendations panel to display personalized content recommendations to your portal users.

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