Replacing the Service Portal Search Page

This article explains how a ServiceNow instance administrator or developer can replace their current Service Portal search page with a customizable Coveo™ search page.

To replace your current Service Portal search page with a Coveo search page

  1. If you have not done so already, direct your browser to:


    Where you replace:

    • {your-instance} with the name of your actual ServiceNow instance.
    • {your-service-portal} with the URL suffix of your Service Portal (typically sp, csm, or csp).

    You should see a preview of the Coveo search page you are going to replace your current Service Portal search page with.

    Opening this URL for the first time also automatically creates a Coveo > Coveo Pages record whose Search Hub value is CustomerServicePortal_coveo-main-search. You can edit this record to customize your Coveo search page (see Customizing the Coveo for ServiceNow Components).

  2. In the Now Platform UI of your ServiceNow instance:
    1. Navigate to Service Portal > Pages.
    2. Find and open your Service Portal search page record (typically, this is the record whose ID is search).

      You should create a backup copy of the record by clicking the Clone Page button in the top-right corner of the record form. When this is done, navigate back to the original record before proceeding on to the next step.

    3. In the Related Links section, click Open in Designer.
  3. In the Service Portal Designer application that opens in a new browser tab:
    1. Delete all widgets and containers in the page.
    2. Create a one-column container.
    3. Drag and drop the coveo-main-search widget inside the container.

      For navigation purpose, you may also want to add a one column container with a breadcrumbs widget on top of the container with the coveo-main-search widget.

    4. Click Preview to see how your Coveo search page looks on different display sizes.

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