Coveo Dynamic Distance Facet Range

Legacy feature

This article pertains to the Coveo Hive framework which is now in maintenance mode.

Choose one of Coveo’s more modern, lightweight, and responsive libraries for any future search interface development. See the search interface Implementation guide for more details.

Implements the Coveo JavaScript Search Framework DynamicFacetRange component to display a facet whose values are expressed as distance ranges. The Coveo Dynamic Distance Facet Range is an evolution over the Coveo Distance Facet Range rendering, particularly because it implements Dynamic Navigation Experience.

The DynamicFacetRange extends the DynamicFacet component and supports most of its component options.

Usage notes

  • To use the Coveo Dynamic Distance Facet Range rendering, you need to:

    • Add the Coveo Distance Resources rendering and a Position Provider rendering to automatically calculate the user-item distance and store it in a field.

    • Select the name of the Distance field to store the distances in. By default, Coveo for Sitecore suggests distance as the name of this field (which comes from the List Value Parameter item located in the /sitecore/system/Settings/Indexing and Search/Coveo/Distance Field Names folder). Refrain from creating custom List Value Parameter items: these items are either not located by the Coveo for Sitecore data source or deleted during an upgrade.

  • To use the Coveo Dynamic Distance Facet Range rendering with custom numeric ranges, create a content tree structure, such as the one below, containing a Custom Numeric Ranges item with children Numeric Range items. This structure can be placed anywhere in the content tree. You’ll reference the location of the Custom Numeric Ranges item in the Facet value ranges data source option (see Configure custom ranges for a date range or numeric range facet).

    Dyn Numeric Facet Range required items | Coveo for Sitecore 5
  • To benefit from the automatic facet reordering functionality, group Coveo Dynamic Distance Facet Range renderings and other dynamic facets (for example, Coveo Dynamic Facets and Coveo Dynamic Hierarchical Facets) within a Coveo Dynamic Facet Manager (see Use dynamic facets).

  • Coveo Dynamic Distance Facet Range renderings may also be used as standalone facets without a Coveo Dynamic Facet Manager.

  • Any change to the facet range selection triggers a new Search API call.

  • You can display a dynamic facet only when a specific value is selected in another facet.

  • You can customize the CSS associated with this rendering.

Insertion location

Coveo Hive

The Coveo Dynamic Distance Facet Range rendering is an Allowed Control in the following placeholder(s): Dynamic Facets, Facets

Example insertion sequence for the Coveo Dynamic Distance Facet Range rendering.

Coveo Hive SXA

When you add the Coveo Dynamic Facet Manager SXA rendering, this adds a coveouidynamicfacetssxa placeholder. Insert your Coveo Dynamic Distance Facet Range rendering in this coveouidynamicfacetssxa placeholder.

Example insertion sequence for the Coveo Dynamic Distance Facet Range rendering.

Data source options

Option name Description


See the title component option.

Distance field

See the field component option.

Facet ID

See the id component option.

Depends on

The data source Facet ID value of another facet that this facet depends on. See the dependsOn component option.

Enable collapse

See the enableCollapse component option.

Facet collapsed by default

See the collapsedByDefault component option.

Enable search for the facet

See the enableFacetSearch component option.

Scroll back to the top of the page on interaction

See the enableScrollToTop component option.

Exclude folded result parents

The path to use as the path prefix for every query.

Notify the breadcrumb component

See the includeInBreadcrumb component option.

Facet accuracy determined by the number of scanned results

See the injectionDepth component option.

Prepend facet search queries with a wildcard

See the useLeadingWildcardInFacetSearch component option.

Facet value ranges

Specifies whether to use automatically generated numeric ranges or custom numeric ranges created in Sitecore.

DOM unique ID

Randomly generated HTML element ID.

Additional data attributes

Allows use of the Coveo JavaScript Search Framework DynamicFacetRange component options that aren’t directly available in the data source.

Sample generated HTML and corresponding visual output

<div id="coveod7e994f3" class="CoveoDynamicFacetRange" data-title="Store Location Distance"
data-injection-depth="1000" data-use-leading-wildcard-in-facet-search="false"
data-prebind-field="fieldTranslator" data-field="@distance" data-ranges="[
{"start":"0","end":"50","endInclusive":true,"label":"0 - 50 km"},
{"start":"50","end":"100","endInclusive":true,"label":"50 - 100 km"},
{"start":"100","end":"200","endInclusive":true,"label":"100 - 200 km"},
{"start":"200","end":"100000000","endInclusive":true,"label":"200+ km"}]"
data-value-format="numeric" data-applied-prebind="true">
Dyn Distance Facet Range example | Coveo for Sitecore 5