Deployment Guide

This guide covers how to integrate and customize Coveo for Sitecore in a Sitecore instance.

Although not every article will be relevant to your use case, we recommend that you follow the steps in the order presented below.

For a step-by-step learning experience, see the Coveo for Sitecore 5 Developer Onboarding Roadmap.


This section focuses on the installation and configuration of Coveo for Sitecore on your main content management (CM) server and on providing your development team with an optimal Coveo work environment.

The installation guide will help you install and configure your solution for a scaled environment.

Once you have completed the installation, make sure you understand how all pieces will interact with one another.


This section explains how to fine-tune the way Sitecore content is indexed, from filtering items to customizing metadata. You’ll also find instructions on how to incorporate non-Sitecore content into your unified index.

This involves integrating Coveo search components into your Sitecore layouts and harnessing Coveo's AI-driven relevance boosting capabilities.