Coveo for Sitecore indexing

You have now completed the installation and configuration of Coveo for Sitecore. At this point, if you open the Coveo Diagnostic Page, all Coveo for Sitecore components should show Up and running. If so, you’re now set to index content in your Coveo organization.

The indexing phase of the process requires some prior planning. You should

  • identify all sources of content you want to index, and

  • identify the content that should and shouldn’t be indexed in each source.

At the end of this phase, content from Sitecore and all necessary non-Sitecore repositories will be indexed. The indexed data will be limited to meaningful information which will be easy to locate by keyword search or using search interface filtering controls.

Index Sitecore XP/XM content

When planning is complete, you will want to begin with indexing your Sitecore items.

The Index Sitecore content section includes information and procedures that will help you limit your indexing to the items you want to make available through search and exclude non-meaningful content from those items. You will learn why indexing Sitecore fields and item HTML content is instrumental in producing a quality search experience, and how you carry this out in Coveo for Sitecore. The section also contains many indexing leading practices and tips to help you browse and analyze your indexed data (see Index Sitecore content).

Index Sitecore Content Hub

You can use the Coveo REST API source to index Sitecore Content Hub. Coveo provides a REST API source example configuration and guidance so that you may adjust this example to fit your needs (see Index Sitecore Content Hub).

Index external content

From a single search interface in your Sitecore website, your users will have the ability to query for information in the site but also from other sources. Hence, you will want to configure the indexing of these external sources. You can do this in the Coveo Administration Console.

The Index external content section articles guide you to the relevant Coveo Platform resources and documentation pertaining to external content indexing. The section also provides forward instructions regarding the configuration of a search interface which targets external content (see Index external content).

Modify your content

Indexing Sitecore items involves several stages, first in the Sitecore context, and afterward, in the Coveo Platform. The indexing of external content items, on the other hand, takes place entirely in Coveo.

The Modify your content section presents the options available to tweak your indexed content programmatically, within the Sitecore context (for Sitecore items only) or in Coveo (see Modify your content).