Modify content programmatically

After indexing content, you should browse the results in the Coveo Administration Console (see Review item properties).

You may wonder how you can automate changes to your content items during the indexing process. Depending on the type of source your items come from and precisely what you need to do, you can modify them within Sitecore, in Coveo, or either way.

Modifying content in Sitecore

If you’re using the Coveo for Sitecore package on a Sitecore on-premises instance, you can use the Coveo item processing pipelines to modify content before it’s indexed.

This method lets you leverage the Sitecore context to modify Sitecore source items. The drawback is that it’s demanding on Sitecore when you index.

Modifying content in Coveo

You can modify items in Coveo using Coveo indexing pipeline extensions.

This method can be used for any type of source, not only Sitecore sources. Having all your indexing customizations in Coveo can simplify management and running these scripts in Coveo prevents adding load to your Sitecore instance.