Scaling Guide

For sites with low traffic, one Sitecore server may be enough. However, as the load of a website increases over time, more servers may be required. Sitecore offers the ability to scale the infrastructure of a site in many ways, for example by having many content management (CM) servers and many content delivery (CD) servers. Sitecore may also need to connect to an SQL cluster if necessary, which further complicates the overall topology.

The Coveo for Sitecore Scaling Guide explains how to scale a Sitecore with Coveo for Sitecore environment.


The Infrastructure sub-section provides conceptual overviews of a typical scaled Sitecore with Coveo for Sitecore environment which will serve as a reference in the upcoming scaling instructions.

Preparing the content management and content delivery servers

The Prepare the content management servers sub-section contains instructions on configuring your main content management server, and then on copying Coveo for Sitecore application and configuration files from the main content management instance to the other content management instances.

Follow the instructions in the Deploying Coveo for Sitecore on the Content Delivery Servers article to install and configure Coveo for Sitecore on your CDs (see Deployment on the Content Delivery Servers).

Validating connectivity

Once Coveo for Sitecore is deployed on all content management and content delivery servers, you will want to ensure that these hosts can communicate with the Coveo Platform and resolve any issues in this regard (see Validate connectivity of the new hosts).