Build search with the Coveo Hive framework

Legacy feature

This article pertains to the Coveo Hive framework which is now in maintenance mode.

Choose one of Coveo’s more modern, lightweight, and responsive libraries for any future search interface development. See the search interface Implementation guide for more details.

The Coveo Hive framework lets you design and configure your search interfaces directly in Sitecore, making for an integrated, codeless, and convenient user experience. Think of Coveo Hive framework renderings as search interface building blocks. You create a search interface by assembling the appropriate renderings in the Sitecore Experience Editor. The Coveo Hive framework has been the traditional approach to creating Coveo-powered search solutions in Sitecore for years.

Most renderings encapsulate Coveo JavaScript Search Framework components as Sitecore MVC presentation items. The remaining renderings leverage Sitecore-specific functionalities to scope and enrich your search queries with Sitecore site and user context information.

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